4 Life Lessons To Learn From Singer Portable
4 Life Lessons To Learn From Singer Portable

• Be humble

• Be prepared for anything

• Don’t listen to naysayers

• Anyone can be blessed

I’ve learnt some great lessons from Portable.

Wait, it’s not what you think 


Many times we look down on people we think aren’t good enough or “holy” but we tend to forget that most of life’s lessons could be learned from the experiences we despise.

I heard about Portable last year and so far, here are few of the things I’ve learned from his lifestyle and philosophy;

• Be prepared for anything: if Portable wasn’t prepared, he wouldn’t have grabbed many of the opportunities that came his way.


• Be humble: we might all agree he’s got an arrogant attitude sometimes, but after the issues with Poco Lee and seeing him apologize… That earned him my respect.

• Don’t listen to naysayers: he doesn’t look good, his music seems wack… blah blah blah, but right now he’s going places and even influencing OGs in the industry.

• Anyone can be blessed; where you come from matters, but what matters most is where you’re going.

• Be Yourself: There’s no need faking it, just be you, do you and live your life.

I learn from people, I don’t judge. We aren’t created to be the same, but we can learn from each other.

Today Portable is a landlord, a house owner. Some favorite celebrities are still living in rented apartment.-Wayrayblogger

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